You are currently viewing 4 Reasons Why Disposing Of Unused/Expired Prescription Drugs Should Happen

4 Reasons Why Disposing Of Unused/Expired Prescription Drugs Should Happen

4 Reasons Why Disposing Of Unused/Expired Prescription Drugs Should Happen

UPDATE (October 21, 2020 11:02am): The Prescription Drug Take Back event that was scheduled for this Saturday, October 24th has been cancelled due to a shortage of support staff caused by COVID. We will be working with communities throughout Sequoyah County to provide a safe place to dispose of expired and unused prescription drugs in the near future. When details of the local events have been determined we will make an announcement to the public at that time.


The Sallisaw NOW Coalition, in partnership with the Sallisaw Police Department, will host National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, October 24 at the Walmart Super Center at 1101 West Ruth Avenue in Sallisaw.

Unused and expired prescriptions drugs will be accepted between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

The goal of National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is to provide a safe and convenient way for citizens to dispose of prescription drugs they no longer need.

Improper disposal of prescription drugs has the potential to negatively impact both human life as well as the environment.

Here are 4 reasons you should safely dispose of prescription drugs.

  • It’s Good For The Environment!

Safe disposal of prescription drugs reduces the environmental impact of pharmaceuticals finding their way into the water supply and soil. Flushing drugs down the toilet, throwing them in the garbage or washing them down the sink can introduce the drugs into the environment. Drugs in the groundwater supply have negative impacts on the local ecosystem.

Reports by organizations including and Environmental Health Perspectives cite examples of pharmaceuticals being found in water supplies and in the bodies of animals like fish that live in those water supplies.  

  • National Prescription Take Back Day Is Convenient:

The event is created to be hassle free and easy for drugs to be dropped off easily and conveniently.  

  • Proper Disposal is Responsible:

Drugs sometimes find their way into the hands of curious toddlers with tragic results.

Detective Herb Hutchinson of the Sallisaw Police Department says he has seen situations where prescription drugs fall into the hands of children.

“We do see that some,” Hutchinson says.  “Situations like when a relative dies and their surviving family members keep their prescription drugs. A child then gets into the drugs and takes them, or someone finds the drugs and sells them.”

  • National Prescription Take Back Day is Anonymous and Confidential:

“There are no questions asked,” Detective Hutchinson says. “Nobody is going to ask where the drugs came from. We just want to get rid of them. No questions asked and no paperwork.”

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